Small or complex, we accompany all your discarding projects.

We offer the following weeding solutions tailored to your needs:

  Bookfarm Octavo

“The little eight”

  • The small purchase (up to 1000 titles).
  • Fast (within a week), uncomplicated, free shipping boxes.
  • Individual pricing.

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  Bookfarm Quarto

“The middle 4 ” (discarding project)

  • Average book quantity (up to approx. 8000 titles).
  • Individual pricing.
  •  Pick-up in approx. 2 weeks after appointment
  • Partial pick-ups possible.
  •  Individuelle Preisgestaltung.

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  Bookfarm Folio

“The big Two ” (complex discarding projects)

  • Large quantities
  • Appointment mandatory, delivery via shipping company.
  • Partial pick-ups possible.
  • Preliminary evaluation.
  • Individual pricing.

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